Commercial Glass

Glass is indispensable part of our world.

What would any city’s sky line look like without glass? Antiquated and old would probably come to mind first. Truly glass in today’s world brings elegance, pride, awe and beauty to any city, building or  business we come across in our daily lives.

Glass as an indispensable part of our world has unlimited choices and uses for today’s builders and architects. With new hardware, standards and styles being adopted and introduced every year the uses for glass are vast indeed. As we find new applications and materials for the use of glass that are available today Laner Glass continues to evolve and be at the forefront of our ever changing industry. You entrust Laner Glass Commercial to be up to date with the current standards including solutions to problems if they arise. Key to our success is the experience and technical expertise accumulated throughout the years from hands on installations so you can be sure that Laner Glass Commercial knows how to get it done! 


Our mission statement to you, Time is money!

When it comes to commercial projects the team you choose must work hand in hand with the flow of the project manager. Armed with the knowledge that projects never follow the plans perfectly often minor changes are needed to complete the task, the last thing you need is your glass company refusing to offer solutions or yield to reasonable request. Laner Glass Commercial has found success throughout the years because of the relationships we developed with you the contractors, builders, architects  and people who have given us the opportunity to fill there glass needs and are proud to say that we continue to have strong relationships that we hope will last a lifetime.

Laner Glass Commercial has teamed up with corporate giants to insure your product is of the highest quality, engineered for your project specific needs and most importantly Laner Glass Commercial holds Full Liability and Workers Comp insurance for the protection of all. In choosing your next glass contractor don’t forget to have them supply you with there proof of insurance along with there quote, be assured that Laner Glass rarely finds ourselves out priced with those who work within the same quality and insurance standards as yourselves. Browse through to see past projects that I have personally been involved with along with completed current projects and give us a call today.


Laner Glass Commercial

We know what to do, we know how to get it done and we know how to get you there without breaking the bank so let Laner Glass Commercial team up with you and make it happen today!

Since our inception in 1985 to the present Laner Glass Commercial has been actively involved in the ever developing city’s of Houston and Katy along with surrounding city’s throughout the State of Texas bringing our brand of glass services from north Dallas to south Laredo, to the west San Antonio and east Beaumont Texas and everywhere else in between.

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