Shower Doors

Framed units until recently was the only choice available to the homeowner. Today there are three main types of shower enclosures,                         

Framed,   Frameless  and  Tub Enclosures.

Beautiful & Functional

Bathrooms no longer have to be plain, basic and boring. One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to update or completely remodel the bathroom. Experts agree that a remodeled bathroom can return between 70 and 130% of your investment. According to Home & Garden magazine "The bathroom is the new kitchen" and dollars spent there will bring a return greater than most any other improvement done to your home. At Laner Glass we understand how important it is to get every detail just right, which is why we custom build your shower door specifically for your bathroom. We custom measure and build your door to fit the exact size ing you have rather than buy a door in a box and use metal fillers to make it work. No "cookie-cutter" solutions from us thus end result is a beautiful door that looks like it was designed just for your shower- because it was. The best part is you don’t pay more; it just looks like you did. Laner glass specializes in true heavy glass showers that provide the ultimate in beauty and performance, but we also have solutions to meet any budget. We excel in helping you finding the best design that works within your existing situation. Now more than ever there are greater ions of hardware to make your shower enclosure unique to your style and taste.

On a typical framed unit you can choose from different finishes and glass patterns to fit your budget.  Our standard framed finishes are Gold, Chrome, Silver and Brushed Nickel also available for a